Restyled, Upcycled, Unique – Loretto9 window installation



The “Love Your Favorites”, an exhibition at Loretto 9 in Düsseldorf continues. This time the Loretto 9 window installation is aimed to promote second chances and more conscious consumption through UPCYCLED FASHION.

We are very happy that a Düsseldorf-based upcycling artist Natalie Tönnis agreed to take over the Loretto 9 window and create a Christmas installation displaying some of the key upcycling projects she has done.

From Broadway and Las Vegas to Düsseldorf

Natalie is a founder, designer and art director of her own upcycling label &LadyMondegreen and most importantly she is a real maker. Unexpected materials always find their way to her, be it an old pair of shoes, basketballs, oversized men’s suits, chandelier crystals, a broken umbrella – everything has a value for her and the potential to be something wearable or to be transformed into it.

Her creative process begins exactly where someone throws something away or gives it up: ‘your trash is my treasure!’

“In my childhood it was always a matter of course to avoid waste and to get creative with what was already there – this idea of sustainability accompanies and inspires me constantly. I am a trained seamstress and pattern director. My education and over 30 years of experience in international fashion companies and in theatre, ballet and Broadway as well as Las Vegas show productions are my foundation for understanding the complexity of all kinds of clothing. This is how I still implement all my design ideas myself.”

“Your trash is my treasure!“

Why upcycling?

Upcycling is the creation of unique pieces using already existing materials, e.g. clothes, accessories, or even household goods which gain a new and higher value through this process.

Natalie designs, redesigns, takes apart, puts together, turns upside down, turns inside out – the possibilities are limitless and free – she loves upcycling as she doesn’t have to follow trends. Deconstructing pieces and then reconstructing them in a new and different way is an exciting, yet intricate process that both tells and rewrites the story of a garment.

Since we have clothing in abundance and more is always being produced than we can ever wear, Natalie have long been passionate about preserving what exists and working against the fast fashion industry.

If you will happen to be in Düsseldorf during the upcoming weeks, pass by the Loretto 9 and check out yourself the what Natalie has created. If you won’t be around, check her work here and book a personal appointment to visit Natalie at her studio in Düsseldorf Golzheim!