Will repairs be the next big thing in fashion?




A simple act of repairs has a major promise for the fashion industry, the environment, the local economy and the human well-being alike.

On October 3rd, Dr. Monika Hauck gate a TED talk at TEDxEhrenfeld 2020 event – The Next Chapter.

In the 21st century, consumerism and fast fashion got woven in the fabric of our culture. With the costs of clothing going down, we stopped valuing the art and craft of fashion making and often forget about the amount of natural resources that go into the garment production. Fashion industry became one of the most polluting, labour-intense and wasteful industries in the world. Working towards increasing the active life of the garments offers a significant opportunity in driving the industry towards sustainability. However, to achieve this, we need a cultural shift!

Monika shared a personal story of how she lost and then regained passion and meaning in the fashion industry and contemplates why repairing clothes has a deep connection to our history, culture, mental well-being and the prosperity of local economies.

Learn more about why repairs matter and watch the the full video recording of the talk. 

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