The fashion industry is going through a major and historic disruption, which is driven by the advancements in the digital tech and recently also the change in the consumer values. The global pandemic made us rethink our “needs and wants” and clearly spotlighted the flaws of the business models that the 21st century fashion industry was built on. It is inevitable that the fashion industry will have to change in order to stay relevant for a growing digital and conscious consumer base.

To drive and shape the nature of this change and strengthen the sustainable fashion community in Germany, we have launched a new event format the CHANGE ROOM CIRCULAR FASHION CAMP, which brings international experts and engages in the discussion with fashion industry innovators and entrepreneurs.

In this exclusive kick-off session, we had a pleasure to welcome PROFESSOR WALTER STAHEL, the initiator, and the thought-leader of the “Circular Economy” term and approach to business, as our keynote speaker. To recap the best moments and the key messages, check out our event video!

With estimations that the fashion waste will increase by 60% between 2015 and 2030, it is imperative to put an end to the “buy, use, dispose” linear fashion business model and fosters more resourceful approaches to fashion production and consumption. Circular economy offers an opportunity to create solutions that combine innovation and economic growth with benefits to wider society and the environment. Assisted by technology it offers not only environmental but also economic benefits to the industry because it allows for efficient resource utilization and reduction of waste management costs. 

While only recently the concept attracted the attention of a wider business community, the notion of circularity has deep historical and philosophical origins. To shed more light on the Circular Economy concept, Pressor Stahel guided the participants through its history, key principles, and application in various industries laid out in this recent book THE CIRCULAR ECONOMY – A USER’S GUIDE.

To keep our participants engaged and connected we took a break and hosted an e-networking session where everyone had a chance to mingle with the event speakers in smaller Zoom meeting rooms.

The session ended with an interactive discussion where sustainable fashion entrepreneurs Robina von Stein from RE-NT, Lilo Meier, and Marie Wehinger from STUDIO ZERO, and Annekathrin and Frank Metzler from PLANET UPCYCLING shared their stories and present their business models based on the Circular Economy principles.

In September, we will continue to host online CIRCULAR FASHION CAMPS on a monthly basis and will discuss specific topics such as the role of culture and social media in fostering Circular Economy adaptation, recent developments in the material innovation and principles of the sustainable design – so stay tuned and spread the word!

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