#2 Naked Garments


We continue the NAKED GARMENTS series with Daria Andronescu, personal stylist, and the founder of the Wonder Wardrobe online course. In this article, Daria shares her evolution from her career as a professional athlete, to studying Environmental Law and to finally dedicating her time to sustainable fashion.

#2 Naked Garments

A fashion journey from Moscow to Milan and finally to Düsseldorf.


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Get to know Daria: She teaches women to dress like conscious adults!

Can you tell us a bit about your profession and what drives you every day?

I have been working as a personal stylist for over 10 years. One thing that I have noticed is that no matter how much money people spend on clothes, they throw away a lot. After some time I understood that people do not really know what they are buying, and for what purpose. So, what I do with my company Wonder Wardrobe is to teach women how to dress like conscious adults. 

I also have a Master’s Degree in Environmental Law. Given the harmful environmental effects that the fashion industry and our consumer habits cause, I decided to do something. Four years ago, I created an online course that teaches women how to better manage clothes they already have and clothes that they want to buy. So that they can build a sustainable and unique wardrobe.

What was your dream job once you were a child?

It’s hard to say because I had a different childhood from most people. I was a gymnast for about 12 years. I was part of the Russian national team, so it was a really serious thing for me. When I retired from the sport, I decided to become a lawyer and specialize in environmental law. But in the end, I guess my mother’s genes were stronger – she was a costume designer at the local theatre – so I decided to go and study fashion in Milan. After that, I started working in the fashion industry as an image consultant and personal stylist. Then I came back to my home town of Moscow and worked as a brand specialist for a fashion concept store and as a stylist for online shops. 

Do you have any professional heroes?

I respect Stella McCartney because she is the only luxury fashion designer that started to make sustainable clothing and is openly proud of it. There are a lot of people that are not that famous but do a lot of great work in sustainable fashion, like Clare Press, for example. She has a podcast that is called Wardrobe Crisis which is fantastic. There’s also Safia Minney, founder of People Tree, who is fighting to stop slavery in fashion. Because fashion is the second largest industry when it comes to the number of slavery cases. Even luxury Italian brands have been shown to be involved in slavery. If it is expensive, it does not mean it is better, or that people are paid better. 

How would you describe your style and how did it evolve over the years?

I think my style is somewhere between minimalist and maximalist. My style is inspired by menswear, fringing and tomboy. Most of the time I wear sneakers, tailored trousers or maybe a suit. 

What is your morning routine? Do you plan your outfits?

It is very easy for me to choose what to wear every morning. Thanks to the implementation of the Wonder Wardrobe method I can take any top and any bottom in my wardrobe and I’ll have a beautiful outfit. Everything I have is fully interchangeable and perfectly reflects my lifestyle and personal taste.

I like to support businesses that are small and sustainable and that show big businesses that you can put our planet before profit and still make a living. 

Daria Andronescu

Where do you typically shop for fashion?

As a rule, I try not to buy anything new. I’m always trying to shop vintage first and I shop online most of the time. Sometimes I like to shop in the city of Düsseldorf too. For example, in Roberta Store you can find nice basics from sustainable brands. I also sometimes visit this great vintage shop on Bilker Allee, called Villa Oliva.

 I draw outfit inspiration from art.This is something that speaks to me much louder than any trend that is just created to make a quick profit. 

Daria Andronescu

Do you have a favourite designer?

I like Stella McCartney and Mara Hoffman because they can combine sustainability with real fashion design. Unfortunately, nowadays, many designers just copy each other. It is very rare that you see something unique. I also like to support small fashion brands that show big businesses that you can put our planet before profit and still make a living. Two of my latest favourites are called Heinui and Reda Paula.

Do you follow trends and where do you look for inspiration for your outfits?

I prefer to follow my heart. I know exactly what trends are for and I don’t want to get into that trap. I draw inspiration from art. I have a series on my YouTube channel where I show how famous paintings can be turned into beautiful wonder wardrobes. This is something that speaks to me much louder than any trend that is just created to make a quick profit.

Is there one piece of clothing which you particularly love, which has a special story? 

My favourite item in my wardrobe is a dress that I got about 10 years ago. I wore it to my first client meeting for a personal styling session. Now, every time I wear that dress, it reminds me of how I started out and how much I’ve achieved.

Who is the designer of the dress?

The dress is from All Saints. Back in my student times, I didn’t think much about #whomademyclothes. I think we have all made questionable purchases in the past, so there is no point in feeling guilty. If you already have it, you should wear it for as long as possible. 

What would be your key advice when it comes to having your wardrobe under control?

I am all about versatility and functionality in my wardrobe. My key advice would be to try and stick to either warm or cold colours. Because cold and warm colours don’t look well in one outfit. That is just something about colours that we cannot change. 

As a social media presence, you have to be very active and up to date. How do you achieve a work-life balance?

The best thing that you can do to have better productivity and better balance is to allow yourself to rest, to have days where you just spend time with your family or do your hobbies. Besides that, daily meditation and yoga are very important for my well-being. I also try to go outside in the middle of the day because nature makes me happier. 

If you were an animal, which one would you be?

I would definitely be a giraffe, standing there in the sun, being cute. I love giraffes because they are so calm. I do not like scandals and drama.   

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