Falco Peters

Philip Mayer
Lukas Pünder
Prof. Dr. Marina-Elena Wachs
Andreas Tepest

With a motto “Buy less, choose well and make it last“ by British designer Vivienne Westwood, the second Fashion Revolution NightDüsseldorf focused on sustainable shoe production. As a fashion metropolis and a startup city, Düsseldorf is exactly the right place for this topic. Many founders have recognized the need of the younger generation, who no longer only want to consume cheaply and a lot, but who are interested in who made their clothes and what they consist of.

During the event Philipp Mayer and Lukas Pünder in their speech showed how entrepreneurship and the sustainable shoe industry can go hand in hand. In 2016, they founded CANO, a startup which sells sustainable and fair produced traditional Mexican leather shoes, the so-called „Huaraches”. The two founders are also working on the topic of transparency and developed retraced, an application, which enables customers to follow every single production and delivery step of the product, through an app. They plan to make this block chain based technical solution also available to other companies.

Professor Dr. Marina-Elena Wachs from Hochschule Niederrhein gave insights into alternative materials in her talk on „The Future of Sustainable Materials – Hypes and Trends”. Among other things, she demonstrated how new textile-like materials can be produced from mushrooms, cork or oranges. Andreas Tepest, Head of Quality Management at Deichmann, introduced „cads,“ a cooperation that has set itself the task of ensuring the quality of footwear and leather goods through defined standards, such as the regulation of pollutants in footwear and leather production.

During a concluding panel discussion Dutch fashion activist and filmmaker Chanel Trapman Mumster, Professor Dr. Marina-Elena Wachs, Lukas Pünder, and Andreas Tepest talked to Monika Hauck about „Changing Consumer Preferences and the Future of the Fashion Industry.“