Monika Hauck, Director of the Entrepreneurship Center at WHU and Anja Gräf Director Alternative Investments HSBC Germany have brought the movement to the fashion city of Dusseldorf. The event started with a presentation of Fashion Revolution movement that sees fashion as a force for positive change and implements it with strong social media campaigns (#whomademyclothes) and events. The initial push, for the movement to emerge, was the collapse of the Rana Plaza garment factory in Bangladesh, which became a symbol of the catastrophic working conditions in the fashion industry.

The award-winning documentary RIVERBLUE was shown during the event, which highlighted that fashion and apparel industry is responsible for not only unfair working condition but also environment adversities. Following the film, Israeli tech company Kornit Digital demonstrated its water-saving textile printing technology and showed that tech innovation and sustainability can go hand-in-hand.

Modern and sustainable fashion was then shown by two labels Rhumaa from Amsterdam and Wunderwerk from Düsseldorf.



Falco Peters

Dr. Stefan Spinler
Patrick Bottermann
Heiko Wunder
Daniel Beernink